Ormond Gigli looking from the windows.

“It was 1960, and one morning I glanced out of the window of my studio in Manhattan and noticed that a row of brownstone opposite were being prepared for demolition. Looking at the design of the empty windows, an idea struck me: put a woman wearing colorful clothes in each of the openings.”

This is how Ormond Gigli got is signature picture; the one he’s known for. And also the photo that projected him onto fashion world.

For sure Jean-Paul Goude got his inspiration from this photo in filming Chanel’s Egoiste Tv commercial. On the reconstructed “facade” of Carlton Hotel Cannes we can see 35 women opening and closing the balcony doors at the same time; while spelling their curse on an unfaithful seducer: Egoiste! Egoiste! Egoiste!

The inspiration can be very clear, but the huge visual impact that Jean-Paul Goude is able to give us one of the best commercials ever!

FROM A PHOTO: Ormond Gigli, “Girls at the window”, NY 1960 || Chanel, Egoiste adv, 1990 #chanel #egoiste #ormondgigli #girlsatthewindow #newyork #building #ny #photoinspiration #perfume #parfum #man #inspiration #insidethemood

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